Plank Every Day: Know how it can Change your Body

Plank Every Day


You won't believe that planking every day can bring so many changes in your body. Plank is best exercise for abdominal, it works all the muscles that are located in your midsection; transverse abdominis, rectus abdominis, oblique and gluteus maximus.

These muscles play important role in your daily life.

Therefore, if you plank every day, these amazing changes you may notice:

  • It will strengthen the transverse abdominis muscle; which help while lifting weight.
  • You will notice changes in your performance as it strengthens the rectus abdominis.
  • You will able to see your abs clearly.
  • Will strengthen your back muscles that help maintain posture.
  • Makes the bending and twisting movement easier.

Moreover, there are many things that will happen to your body, just read the complete article.

1. Will Improve your Core Strength

Planking everyday is the best way to strengthen your core muscles because, it is located between our lower and upper body that sustain the balance.

Therefore, these muscles cannot be ignored. When bend, rotate, jump and stretch, it puts enough stress on your core muscles.

However, while doing plank you work on all the core muscle, which improves the overall core strength.

2. Your Posture and Balance will improve

As explained above that, our balance and posture are depends on core muscle. Strengthening these muscle leads to better posture and you will able to maintain balance.

However, plank exercise also help prevent posture related problems such as, pelvic tilt.

3. You will get a flat stomach

Stop doing crunches as they can cause back pain and not that much effective. Planking daily are enough to get toned belly as it burn more calories.

This exercise puts enough stress on your midsection than crunches. Therefore, plank is a great option that you should choose.

Planking everyday can make your abdominal muscles stronger and tighter. Moreover, it also burn overall body fat when you do them with different variation.

4. Will boost your Metabolism

Plank is not easy as it seems, to maintain 20 second hold, it takes much effort. However, any exercise that required effort will improve your metabolism.

Endurance exercise like plank, can increases the metabolism even after exercising, Also, it help increases the lean muscle mass and, every kilo of muscle burns up to 50 more calories per day.

5. Relieves pain in your Lower Back

Lower back pain could be a sign of weak core, so it can put stress over your spine. But when your core becomes stronger, it will reduces the overuse of spine.

Instead of the back muscles, your body uses the core muscles for daily activities. However, while doing plank you hold the body, while contracting all the abdominal muscles. This is a great way to strengthen the abdominal muscles, which help reduce lower back pain.

6. Your Bones and Joints will be Strong.

Planking every day not only build a core and tone muscles, but also increases the density of bones and keep the joints flexible.

Physical activity is important to prevent osteoporosis. However, doing plank every day can help preserve the bone density and improves the joint mobility.

7. You will feel relaxed

Exercises can help you feel better because it increases the feel good hormone in the body. Plank help to relieve stiff and tense muscles, as it involves the stretching movement. People who sit longer time, should start doing plank to get this benefits.

8. Lowers Stress Levels

Exercises releases the endorphins that help relieve the symptoms of depression. Doing 5 minutes of plank every day can help calm the mind.

9. Plank make every day Movement Easier

Plank is full body exercise that works your whole body. Therefore, many people replace sit ups with plank, because of this advantage.

As it increases the core strength, and flexibility you will able to maintain the perfect posture.

Moreover, you will notice improvement in your everyday task such as pushing, cleaning, jumping running and lifting.

Plank Every day: Short Summary

  • Planking is one of the most effective full-body weight exercises.
  • During plank hold, You effectively work on abdomen and back, but also the arms, shoulders, buttocks, and thighs.
  • When done correctly, it can improve posture, flexibility, and prevents back pain.
  • The head, shoulders, back, buttocks and legs should form a straight line.

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