8 Benefits of Reading Books: Why you Should Read Every Day


Reading is a favorite habit of successful people. It help increase the knowledge and make the mind sharp. But, nowadays people are getting less interested in reading.

However, once you start reading books it will be fun and entertaining. Several studies show that there are many benefits of reading a book.

But why is reading books important and good for you? Following are the reasons that help you understand.

8 Benefits of Reading Books

1. Improves memory

While reading a book you train your mind. For example, to maintain better health we need to exercise regularly, Reading also has the same effect on your brain..

  • It improves memory and can help fight against Alzheimer.
  • Reading allows to increase focus and concentration.
  • Also, reading books can improve your thinking ability as it promotes a better mind-set.

The fact is, when you read a book it keeps the brain active. Although, playing games like puzzles, chess or any activity that requires focus and attention can provide same effects as reading a book.

2. Improves vocabulary

As you read more, it help learn new words, and new ideas that can be used in your day to day life. It can be useful in different fields because you can present yourself much better in the professional field.

Also, you can communicate much better with your colleagues and during meeting. So, others will appreciate the accuracy of your information. Besides, good speaking ability and a rich vocabulary will give you more self-confidence when speaking to someone else.

Reading other languages allows you to be better at it, which can be fun and interesting during travel. Moreover, reading foreign language books can make things easier when travelling to that country.

3. You can become a great writer

Once the vocab improves you will feel more confident during writing. It help you become a quality writer. Therefore, you will be more comfortable when it comes to writing an article or research paper.

Reading also help you understand the sequence and pattern of writing. So, you will never be confused because you already have an idea where to start. However, at the beginning you can face some difficulties but with time you can become a great writer.

4. Reading a book lowers stress

A study at the University of Sussex shows that reading can help lower the stress levels. After a few minutes of reading, stress hormones can reduce up to 68 percent. Reading is even more effective than listening to music or going for a walk. According to study, while reading a book your mind gets distracted from real life problems for a while and allows you to concentrate on the text and the story. It doesn't matter what kind of book you read.

5. Reading can help with sleep

Before sleeping you should avoid staring at your mobile because it can affect your sleep. Therefore, reading a book before sleeping could be a great idea. If you follow this routine regularly, your mind will get used to it and help you sleep better. However, it is better not to read an eBook at night, because the blue light from the display affects the sleep hormone.

6. Improves your knowledge

Research has shown that students who read a lot make fewer spelling mistakes.

Books are your best ally, when it comes to knowledge. Because you learn something new from each book. There are different types of books that you can read to improve your knowledge, skills and confidence.

7. Reading make you creative

The more you read, the better you will speak, learn new words and understand how to use them. As it helps think faster so you will write better and faster. Reading often makes you more creative, because you learn from someone's experience. It also improves your imagination which is the most important to be creative.

8. You may live longer

A recent study at the Yale University School of Public Health found a link between reading and life. In this study, 3635 people over the age of 50 and above observed for 12 years. The group of people who read more than 3.5 hours a week lived longer than non readers.

Therefore, you should always read a book that will improve your knowledge and skills.

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