Why do we need to conserve water? and benefits


Fresh, clean and filtered water is important part of our life. Water can be used in different purposes such as, for cleaning our body. It is also used in industries for manufacturing products, cooling the tools and equipment.

However, a person consumes almost 100-120 liters of water per day for showering, flush down the toilet. The rest is used for other things, such as washing the dishes, gardening or cooking.

Why Save Water?

Because the water supply is limited. Following are the reasons the help you understand.

1. Without water you can't survive

Just like oxygen, water also important for life. However, in many countries there is too little water for personal use. Whereas, most countries have seemingly unlimited access to drinking water, so, they use as much as they can.

If people continue such behavior for long term, then it can cause shortage in water supply. Although, the freshwater supply is limited. Therefore, saving water is much important else government can put certain restrictions in water usage.

2. Saves energy or electricity cost

If you prefer hot shower then it can costs energy. Few liter of hot water increases the energy costs compared to cold water. Therefore, by using less water, we also reduce our energy consumption and protect the environment. Moreover, you can save money as it reduce electricity bill cost.

3. Good for environment

By saving the water we can take care of environment. For example, water treatment plant requires lot of energy for filtration process, it also produce harmful gas such as carbon dioxide.

By reducing water usage you can contribute to the better environment. In addition, some stages of water treatment may require chemicals and processes that are harmful to the environment.

Furthermore, we are not the only inhabitant of this planet; but, the harmful gasses and waste water also affect negatively on fish, birds and mammals.

What can we do to save water?

Following tips can help:

  • Minimize the shower duration
  • Wash your vegetables or fruits in a bowl or plastic mug
  • Put water saving nozzles on taps
  • By eating seasonal fruits and vegetables
  • Turn off the tap while applying soap or washing your hair
  • Eat less meat, because producing 100 grams of beef requires about 1,500 liters of water.
  • Turn off the tap while applying soap on utensils.

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