Why am I Sad When I Broke Up With Him?


We often breakup when relationship is not going well, over a fight or when misunderstanding reaches its peak. However, most relationship ends badly.

Breakup is a very painful experience which lead to anger, feelings of abandonment and sadness, it is not always easy to deal with those feelings. Discover why you feel sad after breaking up with him (boyfriend).

Loss of loved one

It doesn't matter who broke up first, you both likely to suffer from pain. The separation could make us feel lonely once you realize your mistake.

You will begin to think "what should I do in life or how can live without him?" When we lose our loved ones, sometimes it make us feel we are losing ourselves.

Make you feel incomplete

In a relationship; together we solve many difficulties. But, once you broke up with him, you don't have him which can make you feel incomplete.

You may feel alone, and helpless which can lead to sadness. It's like losing your biggest support. However, you can face any difficulties, and we don't need anyone to solve our problems.

Also, a break-up helps you find yourself and make you stronger.

Thinking about memories make you sad

During the breakup we forget about good memories and everything that happened in past. But, after a few days when the anger will calm down, you begin to think about those happy moments that you have spend together.

Therefore, you will miss him because, the memories are attached to your life. It's difficult to forget memories because it's the only thing left after a breakup.

Of course, missing a person who are not with you can make you feel miserable.

Being sad after breakup is normal

During a breakup, we are going through emotional phase which often lead to sadness. Anger, feelings of abandonment, and fear of loneliness, we want to run away from it which could make things worse. However, it is important to accept them. After the break-up allow yourself to feel those emotions rather than running away from it.

It is perfectly normal to be sad for a while. All these negative emotions are part of the process. During this period it's important to spend time with your friends to distract your mind.

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