I Love my Best Friend but she Doesn't Love me?

best friend doesn't love you and alone

You develop feelings and fall in love with your best friend. And, after asking them you got a shocking reply that "We are just friends".

You might thinking "I am deeply in love with my best friend but she doesn't love me back" how can I forget about them and these feelings?

Not only you but most people suffer from this. So, should you forget about them or keep trying until they accept you?

Best friend means you are in friend zone

Being friend zone means you don't have the potential to become her boyfriend. When a female choose her partner, she first try to find certain qualities in a man. If she don't find any of such qualities in a guy then friend zone will be the best place for such guy.

If you have any female friend then you can ask her "Why do a girl put guys in friend zone" and you will get the same answer "they all were too nice or I didn't find them attractive".

Nice guy is equal to boring for them. But that doesn't mean you have to be a bad guy, just improve yourself and be confident, these are the two most attractive qualities that a woman finds in any man.

Being too nice to her doesn't make you any boyfriend material. There are many guys who treat her the same way. But a women want someone, who are focused on himself, confident and take care of himself.

Most guys ignore these important things and put all their attention to a single girl which is quite unattractive trait. This will make her think that "This guy don't care about his goals and don't love himself, how can he take care of me?"

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What should you do now?

Now you lose your chance to make her feel attracted towards you. Therefore, you have only one option; forget her or find another women who match your expectations.

If you failed to impress her at first means there is no chance left for you. So, improve your communication skill, get in shape as it boost your self-confidence which make things easier for you.

Should you keep trying?

Do yourself a favor and move on. You can't force someone to love you if she don't feel for you. If you keep trying, then you will lose respect, and value which is most important for friendship or relationship.

Also, you will lose yourself to win someone who does not care about your feelings. Therefore, focus and improve yourself every day and people will attract towards you.

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