8 Benefits of Weighted Pull ups

pullups with weight

Pull ups are great exercise but, sometimes body weight pull ups are not enough. Because over time it does not offer that much resistance to your body. Therefore, progression is necessary for better gains.

By adding weight you can make this exercise challenging. However, it is not only a way to make progress, but it also has many advantages.

You need a pull up belt where you can properly place the weight plate. Moreover, weighted pull ups can be done at home, technique is remain same for both type of pull ups.

Weighted Pull-ups Benefits

1 Build upper body muscles

Pull-ups greatly targets the upper body which make it a complete exercise for building upper body muscle.  Adding a few kilograms to a belt or weighted vest is enough to make it more difficult. Therefore, weighted pull-ups are more effective.

It's not only good for back but also increases the size of shoulders, arms, and help build abs.

2. Increase pull ups volume

Weighted pull-ups help increase the number of repetitions per set for bodyweight pullups. Because, you are already pulling heavy weight, which allows you to increase strength and endurance.

So, if your goal is to 20-30 pull ups per set, then nothing can help like weighted pull ups. And when you are looking for a hypertrophy of the back muscle for a V-shaped back, adding weight is the only way to achieve it.

3. Improve body shape

As we already know that V-shape back can make your body look perfect. It also tone the chest muscle and help you get slimmer waist, these muscle are important which make your body more aesthetic. Moreover, weighted pull ups train your trapezius, biceps, and triceps much better than isolated exercises.

Weighted pull-ups train all these muscles simultaneously when you perform them with different grip.

4. Increase strength in the muscles

Performing weighted pull-ups increases the strength and lifting performance. Even with 5kg, it require much effort to pull the body. If you put more stress on the muscles; Over time your muscles will adapt to it, and it will increase strength.

Add a little more weight as soon as you start to feel that your body has become stronger and better.

5. Build balanced body

Compound exercises can help if you have an unbalanced body. They train more than one muscle at a time resulting the muscles will develop evenly. Therefore, you should focus more on compound exercises like weighted pull ups.

6. Better grip strength

Another reason that will encourage you for weighted pull-ups. Grip strength is most important in weight lifting, by adding weight can help your grip work even better as pull ups uses the fingers and palms. Moreover, the muscles of the forearm become stronger.

And, it will improve your performance for other exercises such as deadlifts, bench press etc.

7. Great for endurance

Increasing the difficulty of pull-ups by using weights can help improve endurance. The more powerful and resistant the muscles are, the longer your workout session will last.

8. You can do weighted pull ups at home

The last advantage pull up; all you need is a pull up bar and some weight plates. However, it cost little money but the result will be much better.

You can attach weight plates or kettlebell, which will already at home, you can also find it in the gym where you train.

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