How to Get flat Stomach Without Lifting Weights?


Having a flat stomach or belly is a sign of a healthy body. Most people don't have time for weight lifting or exercise. Therefore, they seek easy options that help lose weight without exercising or workout.

Do you want to know how to achieve this goal without lifting weights? Here you will know the best tips that help you get a slim waistline and a flat stomach, without exercise or effort.

How to Flatten Stomach without Lifting Weights

1. Drink lemon water at morning

Instead of tea you should opt for lemon water. Although, it does not directly help to lose weight but it helps regulate your hormones. Also, it provides enough nutrition to your body such as antioxidants and minerals which can help boost the metabolism.

But make sure not to add sugar. Instead you can add honey for taste, or better avoid adding any kind of sweet as it increases the calories.

2. Avoid adding salt in food

Salt should be avoided or limit its intake. Although, salt in moderation is good for our body as it help in functioning of the heart and brain. But too much sodium is bad for your health because it causes water retention, which makes you bloat.

Reducing your salt intake is most important that help you get a flat stomach. Even the health experts also recommend this. Once you limit the sodium intake you lose weight much quickly.

3. Avoid refined sugar

The refined sugar is empty calories which does not provide any benefits. Also it increases the calories in your diet and does not help curb the appetite. Therefore, avoid taking added sugar beverages such as cola, soda, energy drinks and similar products.

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4. Lower alcohol intake

Alcoholic beverages such as beer, vodka, whiskey or even wine can cause of bloating. After drinking your body is more likely to retain the water which can make you look bloated.

Moreover, drinking too much alcohol can cause infection in your stomach such as gas or stomach pain. Plus, they also empty calories that increase fat in the body. Therefore, avoid drinking or limit it to one drink a day so you can get a flat stomach or lose weight without exercise.

5. Avoid chocolate or chewing gum

Who doesn't love chocolates or chewing gum? But, to lose weight without exercise you need to be disciplined. Such things not only increase calories but also it causes bloating.

Besides, refined sugar increases your appetite and overtime it can be addicting. Therefore, chewing gum or chocolate can increase your belly or waistline and can prevent you from getting a flat stomach.

6. Eat slow

While eating you should chew the food properly but make sure don't open your mouth too much. Because, opening the mouth too much, allows the air to enter in your mouth, and it can cause bloating.

Eating slowly not only helps you get a flat stomach but also prevents overeating.

7. Reduce calories from diet

Try to lower 300-500 calories from your diet. It is the best way to get a flat stomach within a few weeks. The reason is simple; eating fewer calories allows your body to burn fat because the remaining energy comes from the stored fat.

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8. Use small plates

Eating on a small plate is an effective way to lower your calories consumption. Even the food quantity is less, but the plate will be full which can make you believe that you have eaten enough.

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9. Get more sleep

Nowadays, people are getting less sleep which can negatively affect the hormones. It is proven in studies that lack of sleep stimulates the hunger regulating hormone. Therefore you may eat more than usual.

It also slows down the metabolism which play an important role in weight management. So, try to get at least 7 hours of sleep to get a flat stomach.


10. Drink enough water

Water is very important for weight loss. It helps you control the appetite, as it takes place in the stomach. Moreover, it also prevents bloating and helps you get rid of water weight. It has also been proven that drinking water reduces our sugar cravings, decreases our appetite and helps us feel fuller.

Therefore, drink at least 2 liter water per day. You can also drink a glass of water 15 min before eating as it helps you lower the food intake and get a flat stomach fast.

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11. Eat fruits

Fruits such as berries, apples and oranges are packed with quercetin, a natural compound that reduces stomach inflammation.

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12. Stand straight

Slouching shows your belly, while standing up straight stretches your whole body and makes you look taller and slim. Moreover, when you stand straight it also helps burn more calories, as it requires some effort to maintain the posture.

13. Quit smoking

It could be a great opportunity for you to quit smoking. However, smoking increases body fat. According to recent study, people who smoke accumulate more belly fat than non smokers.

What to Eat to Get a Flat Stomach

The main cause of belly fat is bad eating habits. In fact, eating a balanced diet is the most important part.

By eating healthier, you will stop putting fat around belly and it also boosts your metabolism. The ideal diet should be low-calorie, rich in insoluble and soluble fiber and probiotics.

If your belly is bloated, the consumption of foods containing probiotics and fibers will help you to feel better, and satiated.

However, a healthy diet can help lower your whole body fat. If you don't know about a balanced diet then you should talk to a nutritionist or dietician. They will help you to figure out which diet and how much calories you need according to your body type.

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