9 Best Push Ups for Complete Chest Workout


Push ups are considered the best bodyweight exercise that help tone and increase the chest size. However, for chest workout there are different types of push ups that mostly target your chest.

Moreover, at the same time you also train your triceps, shoulder and core muscles. So, here are selected push ups variations that work on you whole upper body.

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Push-ups Workout for Chest

1. Wide grip push ups

Wide grip targets your pectoral muscles, and it also has a great impact on your shoulders.

  • Get into the plank position.
  • Place your arms slightly wider than shoulder, not too wide.
  • Slowly bend your elbows until your chest touches the floor.
  • And push your body up slowly by using your hand.

If the grip hurts your shoulder then place your hands shoulder width grip.

2. Slow push ups

This variation is great for improving your strength in chest and triceps, because slow reps puts more stress on your muscles. Here, you need to follow a 3 second rule such as, pause 1 second when you lower, middle and initial position.

During slow push ups your arms should be shoulder width grip, and don't spread your elbows outside, keep them close to your body.

3. Decline push ups

Decline pushups is a great strength exercise for the upper body. If you want a complete upper body workout then you should do them.

It is similar to normal push ups, but it helps build a round chest and increase shoulder muscle tone.

Here, you need to place your feet on table or ball which increases the difficulty, and it is also good for core strength.

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4. Weighted Pushups

If your goal is to make your chest bigger and stronger, then weighted push ups will help you. As you place weight over your back which increases the difficulty. Therefore, increasing the resistance can help with maximum gains.

You can place a weight plate over your back or use a backpack (much safer option). But at the beginning use light weight then increase gradually once you get comfortable with previous weight.

5. Explosive push ups

The explosive strength is very important which can help with throwing, and punching as it activates your fast twitch muscle. Moreover, it can help with toning your whole body as it burns many calories.

It is same as basic push ups but, during this you need to push yourself as fast as possible or until your hands go above the floor. Therefore it is considered as endurance exercise due to fast movement.

This push up can give a great workout to your chest, shoulders and triceps. To reduce difficulty you can do them at an incline position (by placing your hands on a sofa or elevated surface).

6. Diamond push ups

Although, narrow grip has great impact on your triceps, but diamond push ups are also good for your upper chest. It's a difficult movement, but you can try them in an incline position.

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7. Archer push ups

It is a very difficult variant that helps develop strength for one arm push up.

The archer pushup also known as assisted one arm pushup is a one-sided exercise. Therefore, it is great for strengthening your weaker side.

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8. Clap push up

Another explosive movement that builds incredible strength in your upper body. If you master the above variation then you should try this. Be careful because it can make you injured if not done properly.

Therefore, you should try this on a soft surface such as a bed or any soft surface.

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9. Triple clap push up

The most advanced version of push ups but not recommended for beginners. If you can do clap push ups without any difficulty then you should move to this exercise.

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