Pull ups and Dips at beginning or end of workout?


Dips and pull ups both can give a complete upper body workout. Dips mostly target your chest, triceps and shoulders. Whereas, pull ups work on your back, arms, and core.

If you are not sure when to do (at the starting or at the end of the workout) these exercises. After reading this article you will understand.

Dips and Pull ups are best at Starting of Workout

The reason is simple; both exercises are difficult and require too much energy. Because they use your large muscles, also during dips and pull ups you have to push or pull your whole body weight.

At the beginning of a workout session you will be full of energy. Plus, the muscle are fresh which can help you perform both the exercises in good form.

Therefore, you will get most of the benefits from workout. Also, you will be able to perform a few more sets and reps depending on your goal.

If you want to perform more reps, then you should do them at the beginning.

Can you do pull ups and dips at the end of workout?

Of course you can do them but, there are some disadvantages such as:

  • You will not be able to perform them with proper form, because your muscles are already tired.
  • Won't able to perform more reps.
  • Fewer reps and bad form will not help you get the results that you want to see.


I think beginners should do them at starting of a workout. Once you get used to these exercises, you can do them at the end of workout. Because you have already developed strength for dips and pull ups.

If you are still confused then you should talk to your trainer. It would be best if you do everything according to your fitness plan or workout routine.

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